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Feb 26, 2011 6:15pm EST
word? it is wrong to care? we are against care? we are going to fight against care? i am glad obama cares. i am glad democrats care. [applause] look, if it is not democrats who are caring about somebody getting kicked around because they have a pre-existing illness, who is going to care? if democrats don't care about small businesses who cannot afford health care, who is going to care? if democrats are not the ones caring about the cost of college, who is going to care? we do care. that is one of the great things about being a democrat, a we should be very proud of that approach worked president. in that battle between focusing on the future and the other party fighting the battles of the past, we are wrong to see more of this over the next two years and it will make it easier to make that choice plane to the american people. but the time when our next together, the reelection will be up and running and will likely begin in the second quarter of the year. the president has announced in an unusual way, the reelection will not be in the washington d.c. area. he said it worked in chica
Feb 5, 2011 6:15pm EST
. >> this is sunday night at 8:00 on c-span. >> president obama previews the speech that he will give next week to the u.s. chamber of commerce, and he calls on businesses to hire workers. there is a criticism of his economic policies, that have been said to create unsustainable deficits. >> this week, we were told that we were moving in the right direction but we need to get there more quickly. the bipartisan tax cuts that we passed in december will add to job creation and economic growth. this is making the paychecks of americans will larger, and helping to invest. but the true measure of progress is that every american who wants to have a job can find a job. people in this country can still achieve the american dream. this is the process. in the global economy, the newest industries will take root and the strongest commitment to research and technology, this will help with -- we have to innovate more than the rest of the world. students and researchers are leading the way on innovation and they are taking up the challenge all across the country. if you focus on tackling the biggest obstacles
Feb 12, 2011 6:15pm EST
will bring in his speech again tonight starting at 10:50 eastern. president obama discussed the 2012 federal budget proposal to be unveiled next week, including a five-year federal spending freeze. republican senator orrin hatch thetah also talked about federal budget proposal. he called on the president to back tax code reform and free trade agreements under consideration by congress. we will hear the president's weekly address and also that of senator hatch. this is about 10 minutes. >> i received a letter from a woman named brenda reece. it speaks to what a lot of families are going through. it offers a good example of the responsibility needed in washington now. brenda is a mother and special ed teacher from missouri. her husband, david, was employed at the local chrysler plant for nearly a quarter decades -- nearly four in decades. they have worked hard. they have taken some hits over the last few years. when the chrysler plant closed, he would have to take early retirement. the pension helps, but it is half of what he earned before. because of budget cuts, brenda have to buy school sup
Feb 19, 2011 6:15pm EST
-civilian stuff. >> in his weekly address, president obama discusses the need for improving education for the u.s. to compete globally in new jobs and industries. he gives the week's address from the intel facility near portland, oregon. he is followed by republican tom price with the gop address. representative price talks about the 2012 budget request and the need to cut government spending to create a better environment for job creation. his remarks followed a series of amendments passed by house republicans earlier this morning that would reduce 2011 federal spending by $61 billion. >> i am visiting england -- intel in portland, oregon. they are building everything from desktop computers to smart phones. but these workers are not just manufacturing computer chips. they are showing us how america will win the future. for decades, intel has led the world in developing new technology. but even as global competition has intensified, this company has invested, built, and hired here in america. 3/4 of intel products are made by american workers. as the company expands in oregon and arizona, they
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4